Grandmother on Your Role of Ascension in the Universe

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PART 1: "Gradmother on Your Role of Ascension in the Universe."

Grandmother dictated 2 long messages or teachings, the late evening of 2-24-19 on Ascension, Higher Consciousness Transformation, centering around Interdimesional Communication. And Meditation as Interdimensional Communication.

This is Part 1, "Grandmother on Your Role of Ascension in the Universe" -- Recorded 2-24-19 and posted 3-3-19 - 22 minutes, 26 seconds.

The two together constitute a kind of class, and at the end of this Part 1, I include instructions for 3 Steps to put this understanding and learning into daily practice.

This quote well sums up the subject of these two messages regarding the next steps in evolving consciousness:

"It is not a simple task to become fluent and visionary in higher dimensions..."

I believe that is what she is laying out as the assignment, and more messages which are like classes are to come:


My sense is that this means becoming fluent in interdimensional communication, with civilizations which regularly interact at this dimensional level, and local communnication but in an ascended or higher consciousness, compassionate, loving state of mind and being...

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Your Role of Ascension in the Universe," 22 minutes, 26 seconds, recorded 2-24-19, posted 3-3-19. For greater understanding, it is useful to play the audio and follow along reading the transcript at the same time.



What would be the curriculum for the various radio show times? What should we focus on for this show – and the messages? I need some help understanding what questions ad what topics are most important.


Are you aware that you are very active in off-planet and higher dimensional operations?

SHR: I am not aware of the operations, but I am aware that that is true and that there are – it is almost a dream-like state for me. I am vaguely aware that something important is happening. But I don’t know how to go to the next level. Or if I should, in order to be of most use. I would greatly appreciate understanding the questions to ask and the topics. The topics of the radio broadcast.


This question that I asked you, whether you are aware that you are involved in off-planet and higher dimensional activity is a Topic!

It is a question for each individual to contemplate, to ask themselves, at some level. You know that this is true, and at another level you know that you must begin to work at deeper levels to understand your own involvement and your own roles. And, therefore, you come to understand that visioning and remembering, seeing at the highest levels, is your job. It is the MAIN TOPIC.

It is powerful and revealing of the process of consciousness that you must go through steps, learn new things, practice a different mental acumen, in order to remember and to come into full awareness of your larger life.

It is a honing process and a strengthening process, when it is a universal process. It is experienced by all advanced civilizations. It is not unique to you.

But you do have a quite intense barrage of distraction -- and even blocking, through distraction -- which is conducive to your delaying an acceptance of this course or pathway to expanding future and past memory.

It is not a simple task to become fluent and visionary in higher dimensions, while in this level of form -- and with this level of technology, chaos, and planetary transition, which will require upheavals in the geothermal, geomagnetic, geographical, and atomic structure of your planet.

The “difficulty level” being high, the score will be quite high, if you achieve this breakthrough in this level of form. Do you see? (I sensed that the unspoken analog, was to an Olympic diver, being awarded a higher score for a more difficult dive.)

This is graduate work in higher consciousness with very special adjustments made for your learning and your quantum leap as a species of conscious society.

You are not yet contemplating conscious society.

But as you work with your dreams of artificial intelligence, it will begin to occur to you that the most important thing is a CONSCIOUS society -- which will automatically move to a level of love and compassion for all life, that allows the technology to dissolve which is not productive or which is harmful to a growth pathway; but at the same time understanding the desire and dreams of those who wished that technology might make this possible.

In a way, this was a wish for convenience in Ascension – that will not work.

You may not use a higher level of technology or quantum computing or artificial intelligence to achieve soul growth, such that you do not have to face karma or responsibility for your actions; such that you can avoid opening the heart to the highest levels of love in order to become literally a cosmic being of love and light.

There will come a time when you see the great opportunity before you – and yet its difficulty so great – to work very hard on love and forgiveness of yourself and all beings.

There will come a time when you will have to face each memory and come to terms with your own developing compassion and even your own acts of kindness and love, which is sometimes difficult for you to face; to affirm yourself deeply; to love yourself even when you make mistakes or you believe you have hurt someone. This is very, very profound work.

At some point you will be sitting and realize that you never needed any convenience of any kind, that you never needed any technology to become who you are here to be -- this “facing of the self” with love and the next step of realization that “I Am You and You Are Me” throughout the universe: This is Ascension. This is the daily growth of Light in the Universe. And it is miraculous and marvelous that in order to achieve this growth, you must actually come to a realization of what is necessary.

You see, you have been told what is necessary for a good and caring and happy life, for good relationships. But until there is a moment of realization that you cannot pass this on for someone else to do for you, that there is not a technology, that there is not a drug -- there is not a trick that you can do which takes the place of deep love and identification with every living thing, every living atom, every conscious awareness in the universe.

And everything is living – all time is living, all being is living, every event is living, every single thing of any form or energy is living. Therefore, this love which you must face is not only in yourself, which is the hardest to face, but it is in every living thing.

The aspects of “karma” are actually the aspects of oneness. This is the learning of the principle of I Am You and You Are Me.”

You see, in taking responsibility, in remembering and realization that every act you do to another human being, every single emotion you feel about a human being, will come around to you -- for you are that being, and, therefore, you are doing this to yourself: This is your Ascension process.

Do not berate yourself or be hard on yourself when you are depressed that you are not doing this well enough, or that you are not remembering enough – even that you do not love yourself enough, that you are not of service to others enough.

Do not berate yourself with this. This is part of the realization process. You see, at some point, you become very aware that this is how you feel. This is your evaluation of you.

It is now time for you to evaluate and to focus on all of the things that you have done which are kind to yourself, which are kind to others -- especially your great desire to be kind to others, to serve others, to give your own arts and creations and ideas to the world to help them, even if they do not seem to value it.

Affirm your great desire to give to others something which they will value -- until you increase in this effort and in your deep meditative contemplations so greatly that you can actually reach a point of resonance and harmony such that they will understand and receive what you are offering with a beautiful heart – a beautiful open heart that is growing in you.

This will happen. I promise you, this will happen. I promise you that all the doubt in the world will not prevent this from happening. There will come a time when this will happen.

And I will give you another promise. As you go into deep meditations every day, in self-contemplation and love, and you are sending great love and light to other beings, and you are using love and compassion and forgiveness as a way to solve your problems: I promise you that you will come to a joy…a recognition – not just of higher love and of light, but of higher joy in the simple daily action, the simple daily meditations, the simple daily act of doing a kindness for someone else, of setting out to do a kindness no matter how it turns out.

This loving affirmation of your own life and times and of the affirmative efforts of every being to try, in their own understanding of the context, to do the same thing. This is a glorious path of discovery. And it is the only path to interdimensional communication and higher intuition.

You see, there must be an exploration of the deeper self, a recognition of it and an affirmation of who you are, in truth. You cannot progress if you deny affirmation of your own soul and your own life – even for all the lessons you have learned; even if these are because you feel you have been making mistakes or you feel that others have harmed you or insulted you. This affirmation is quite profound in its recognition that you have gone through this process, and you have learned, and you have felt – and you do not desire to wish this on anyone else. You begin to see the value of great love for others. You begin to see the value of great love which is in your soul, in your being, in every cell in your body. And that great love produces freedom.

Love is freedom.

When you hang on to anything else except love and forgiveness and empathy -- oneness – that is not freedom. The freedom is letting go of anything else except love.

You become a being who begins to BE love – who sees love in others even if they do not see it.

You become a being who literally “shines” with openness and vulnerability and love…

And I will tell you that this is the greatest power in the universe

-- Grandmother from Another Planet



3 Steps to Put this Grandmother Message/Teaching into Action  

  1. Meditate with Deep Sound for Interdimensional Communication and Guidance at least 15-30 minutes a day for 7 Days to part of intentional steps toward higher understanding and frequency resonance for "ascension" states.

 Choose a Sound Meditation for Interdimensional Communication. This is the Sound Meditation page of choices on Grandmother's site.

2 below are great to start.  Preparing a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, where you can play sound, will help you enter a higher dimensional state of mind. Have an intention of calm, and of opening Interdimensional Communication. After each meditation, write in a journal any insight, vision, symbol, experience.

THEN: Write a question, and using a script style, write down "as" your guide any answer or symbol from any guide or your Higher Self.  Continue beyond 7 days if possible -- set a goal for 30 days. In 30-60 days of doing this, the level of new insight and calm or bliss from the sound can propel you into a new dimension of life. It did for me!

“The Letting Go Meditation” – Good opening to calm yourself for deeper work. 6 Minutes (Adjust sound as needed.)
Then: “Deep Meditation on 5 Levels of Love” which I highly recommend for these deep mind state journeys.

  1. Ask someone to be a  "Meditation Partner. Meet at least once a week to Meditate together with deep sound (as in point 1). Use this time also to compare how you are experiencing meditation, and encourage each other with interdimensional communication practice. Partner Reading: Try asking a question and having your partner try to answer the question "as" her/his guide -- and you do the same.
  1. Turn this into a transformational practice: Grandmother is stressing loving acts of kindness, service to others, and affirmation of yourself and others. So:

-- Purposefully set an intention, a plan, for one loving act of kindness each day for one week.

-- Purposefully set an intention to be of service to someone else, unexpectedly, every day for one week.

-- Purposefully take time in meditation to affirm at least 3 things about yourself and 3 things about someone else in your meditation.

-- SHR

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“Always go to the highest thing you can imagine. Then go one step higher. Make this a habit and you shall accomplish great things. – Bentinho Massaro


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