Grandmother on 3 Things to Do When You Find Yourself Upset or Clueless

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What to do?! When you are upset or feel "clueless."  I am using these 3 steps in personal daily life and am finding such unexpected advantages in this simple discipline...

Even at 77 as I write this, I am beginning to discover that a calmness or maturing of perspective, greater love and compassion, can so change every day of life! Every relationship!

Especially beginning to "LOOK FOR THE GIFT, THE ADVANTAGE" within a few seconds of the incident or event. This is not only a path to greater happiness, it is also becoming path to greater health.

Another thought came today: Are these 3 Steps also good when you are in a role in which diplomacy... building teams, coalitions, handling cross-cultural communication, cross-paradigm communication, are key in your work, your roles? Could developing these disciplines, psychological skills -- even be key in your career?

Could these 3 steps from a "Grandmother from Another Planet" be an important advantage when we reach a point in our history where extraterrestrial communication and telepathy  are central cultural skills?  A fundamental  aspect of our human consciousness psychology and emotional evolution in future centuries?

Try any one of these 3 steps the next time you are upset or don't see a way to handle a problem -- you may be surprised!

"Grandmother on 3 Things to Do When You Find Yourself Upset or Clueless," Recorded 2-11-20, Posted 2-12-20, 11 minutes, 56 seconds.

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I would like to speak to you on three things that you can do when you find yourself upset or “clueless.” You will be very surprised at how quickly any one of these steps can change your response to that of a “higher creative intelligence” that is much more naturally “you.”

You are not by nature a fearful, hopeless, or upset being. Now you might get tricked into these kinds of responses based on this positioning, but this is not natural. And I would like you to remember that. It is not natural for you to feel upset or clueless.


So, let us begin with Step #1. Within a few seconds of an incident of upsetment, I would like you to quickly say to yourself:

  • “What is the Gift?”
  • “What is the Advantage in this incident?”
  • “What is the Lesson?”
  • “What is the Clue?

Every incident, everything that happens – a person who upsets you or a piece of equipment which breaks down -- each of these holds a Gift.

Now, there could be an advantage because the incent delays you in time. And this gives you a moment to pause, rethink your whole circumstance. It may cause you to rest. An incident such as becoming ill – may cause you to suddenly be by yourself, focus on getting well, focus on loving your physical body and your spiritual, emotional, energetic presence. Do you see? But sometimes these Gifts are extraordinary!

Now, one thing you can do as an exercise is to go back to 3 times in the last few months when you were very upset about a personal incident. Let’s make this about personal life: Someone upset you; something was broken that you did not expect; you had an illness. Something happened where you say “Oh! Oh, No!” And I want to tell you most “Oh, No’s” are “Oh, Yes’s”! – when you discipline yourself in daily life to look for the Gift, Advantage, Lesson, and Clue in each circumstance!

So, that is your first assignment – to practice this and change your habit. Think: Find 3 things that happened, and in each one, look at least for one Gift or Advantage! One thing that was a good thing. A Gift in the circumstance – particularly for learning.

In a way, you are creating your own university for exercising your higher creative intelligence. And if you are never challenged, it is very difficult to grow. Do you see? Graduate School courses are much more difficult than elementary school courses, although each can hold fantastic lessons.

So, let’s try that.


Now, the second thing I would like you to do is to check your Assumptions. And I want you to look at this at a profound and interdimensional level:

  • Never assume that what you think you are seeing in your current scientific understanding or political understanding or cultural understanding is what you think it is! It is highly likely that it isn’t!

Now, one of the advantages for those who are at an advanced age -- is that you do come to a point of recognizing, “Oh, my goodness! I always wanted that thing to happen and it didn’t! And now I’m SO glad it didn’t! And I see that it was a real Advantage that it didn’t go the way I wanted! What a Gift! Whew!”

There are a lot of “Whew’s” in your life. You have to start to recognize them before you have to reach your 80’s to understand this. You see?

So, say to yourself. “I assume that this that I am seeing before me is not a true reality, based on current political, scientific, philosophical, cultural understanding.”

So, what are some other things that might be going on? And make yourself a little list!

Now, if you do this: Play Detective! “Play like” you’re the World’s Greatest Detective! This is just for you. Once you exercise your mind and brain to hunt for, to check alternative assumptions about the Reality you are seeing, including someone else did something that upset you or a piece of machinery appears to be broken. It may not be broken at all! So that’s a very good clue.


Now. The 3rd Step. Always calm and affirm yourself before reacting or responding. This is very obvious, but it is ”Step 3,” because the first 2 steps shift your mind, and you can meditate more easily on calming yourself and on being in a loving state of mind:

  • Remind yourself first, that was Step 1: There’s a Gift in this, there’s an Advantage, a Lesson, a Clue – What is it?
  • Second, I’m going to assume that this is not what I think it is. And if it isn’t, what could it be?
  • And THEN 3rd, always calm and affirm yourself BEFORE you react or plan.

(Meditative Sound is also recommended for this calming step--SHR.)

Now, a very good, simple meditation of focus for this is a meditation we have offered before. This is an easy way to do it. And if you do it saying it out loud, it actually, in this case, can help you shift your mind and state and response. You can also do it silently. But here’s what I would recommend.

Take 3 Deep Breaths. And then do the Meditation on Love. This is 5 Levels. So:

  • 3 Deep Breaths.
  • And say out loud: “Meditate on Love, Level 1.” Just feel yourself becoming love…loving, expansive, compassionate, empathetic. And wait for a while. Meditate on that.
  • Then, “Meditate on Love, Level 2.” With 3 Deep Breaths before that. So, at each of these 5 Levels you’re taking 3 Deep Breaths. It oxygenates your system. It changes your vibrations and frequencies. The mindset that you bring to solving a problem or responding to a situation is impacted by your physical state. This will relax and calm that physical state.
  • And then we come to “3 Deep Breaths.” Take your time. “Meditate on Love, Level 3.” And then, after you have paused for a while and done that:
  • 3 more Deep Breaths. “Meditate on Love, Level 4.” And another long pause while you meditate on love and expansiveness and empathy and compassion.
  • And then 3 more Deep Breaths. “Meditate on Love, Level 5.” And then take as much times as you need to calm yourself.

Now, in this quiet state, if you have a journal, and you begin to write down some alternative responses when you are ready, or some things to check -- you see, to write is to think more deeply. You will be more circumspect. You will be in a state of contemplation, not in a state of “fight or flight.”

You will also be in a state of recognition of your own higher creative intelligence. That is a being, a state that is natural to you. And I offer you these 3 simple steps because they are 3 easy ways to begin to bring that kind of higher creative intelligence to your daily life, to every situation, even to every moment.

The empathy and the bigger-picture mental state which can result can change how you live your daily life, how you interact in relationships, and how you come to know a higher dimensional, more creative and more compassionate -- and more visionary “you”!

You are an extraordinary being of the highest possible consciousness! And I ask only that you begin to free that higher consciousness and creativity, to free the love which comes naturally to you.

So, there is what to do, 3 Things to Do – when you find yourself upset or “clueless.” Because you always “have a clue”! You always know what to do. And you are always loving if you can reach a deeper state where that knowledge, that ability to focus is resident. It is always available to you.

With great love and great affirmation, have a fantastic week of miracles!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

(SHR Note: This process might also be applied before working on strategies or problem-solving in any field of science or in business or in psychology/counseling -- even mathematics -- to expand the mind/vibrational/awareness state of calm focus and perspective before beginning.)


'I often start writing in order to excite and expansive emotion." -- James Broughton

"All change can be expansive in potential. The choice is ours." -- Julia Cameron

"The best gifts are complete surprises. Even events in life that shock you -- when you are completely gobsmacked and don't know what to do next. For a moment, you  experience a higher dimension of wonder..." -- S.H. Rodman


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