Grandmother on the Art of Interdimensional Communication

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This unusual blog was for a deep Sound Mediation session focused on exploring Higher Dimensional Consciousness communication as a kind of Roundtable dialogue or discussion. While this was for a class, the concepts of higher intelligence interdimensional communication as an Art form -- or Art Forum -- using Art or non-linear communication in the context of meditation which is intended as an interdimensional communication or knowledge discovery experience --  applies.

Can we communicate interdimensionally in deep meditation -- using Art?... In the class we discovered most unusual wisdom or points of view emerged. In future an exercise will be added to this blog so that you can explore a similar experience on your own or with a group... A great "spark" for creative energies.

This blog also introduces the concept of "gestalt" or group interdimensional psychology, multi-life or multidimensional psychology... For the purpose of expanding your creative imagination, suspend belief and enjoy the ride -- instructions for a kind of cosmic adventure in intentional interdimensional group communication meditations -- kind of "sci-fi" meditation...!

Enjoy "Grandmother on the Art of Interdimensional Communication," recorded 7-12-19, posted 7-23-19, 14 minutes, 30 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on the Art of Interdimensional Communication," recorded 7-12-19 for an "advanced consciousness" meditation class -- a kind of "sci-fi meditation" and concepts, posted 7-23-19.

Listening and reading simultaneously increase the level of information which can be absorbed.


SHR: Grandmother, I am receiving a message regarding the higher-self "gestalt" psychology, past lives – and this interdimensional broadcast-communication forum. 


When you begin to communicate in intentional interdimensional communication forums, you are to some extent beginning to communicate from the perspective and vibration of your higher self, a speaking from the soul...

This does involve a certain mind state, vibrational state, and even wave-form state which can enable greater awareness of the multi-life soul and all of its many roles and loving characters played. Begin to allow these aspects of your own higher dimensional psychology (HDP) to emerge as you embark upon creative projects in interdimensional communication forums.

I want to underscore the aspect of the Art of this kind of forum, this kind of sharing – beyond the intention to communicate in interdimensional Roundtables -- with the intention to create together in interdimensional Roundtable. To resolve understanding for those in different dimensional vibrations, which can sometimes more easily be expressed in the non-linear, non-local Art forms.

If you practice this, you will begin to see that there are Art forms which can be created, which you are not at present able to perceive as to their raw materials and potential, and therefore you cannot yet create Art in these forms. But through interdimensional communication forums you will be able to create Art or dancing or poetry or other Art forms including plays and stories which are joint creations, and to an extent with awareness that there are joint creations.

There is tremendous power in this higher dimensional, “gestalt” (group) psychology which is yours. It is your birthright. It is a tremendous power which you have which grows with practice. It is the Art of the being who thinks in terms of many centuries of communication. Now, do you see why an awareness in ranges of perception of multiple lives or roles is important in this larger range of interdimensional collaborative Art.

(Gestalt Art?...)

This is the Art of Higher Dimensions 101 – as an Introduction to Higher Dimensional Art Form Materialization. This may seem like “magic” but it is simply an expansion of your perceiving and creating and materializing in higher multidimensional capacities and roles!

            (Reincarnational Art?...)

When you begin to speak and collaborate and create with awareness of your own gestalt, multi-life roles as an identity, you necessarily create something new. The key to this kind of collaboration is a very deep love, a deep resonance, a deep and deeper sense of interconnectedness with other loving beings and dimensions.

Now, in some of these dimensions, portions of you exist, as future lives, past lives, or even what you might call a “parallel universe” life or self. So, in a sense, you are collaborating with a multidimensional “you” as a cosmic artist. This is fundamental in higher dimensional civilizations.

Now, you might think this is a simple forum of communication or even collaboration. But far beyond that, it is an experiment in the awakening of gestalt higher dimensional consciousness, which is a higher vibrational civilization, a higher dimensional plane on which you exist, andwith intention, can perceive, as a multidimensional, gestalt being.

The engine of the artistic creations and collaborations is very, very powerful when you put it in these terms. In a sense, all of your life is the creation of Art from day to day. This Art requires a higher and higher level of Love of all beings, of compassion, of empathy – most of all compassion and empathy for you, love of yourself, compassion for yourself, recognition of yourself as a higher dimensional eternal being.

This opening of the heart enables a real kind of multidimensional “flying” as an Art form. It is the beginning of your reaching out to other “flyers” – to others who wish to create Art in the cosmos, to others who are so grateful and so happy with your intentional, interdimenional communication.

There are no rules. You are creating the rules each second during which you play in an interdimensional forum space. And that is a very happy playground.

I wish you great success in experiencing freedom as well as Love in other dimensional, "gestalt" aspects of you, and even welcoming your many other lives and roles of you as co-creative collaborators in this new creation of Art.

Now, you will know that it is Art when it takes your breath away... When you see that this is beyond the “you” which you know and into “the unknown you,” as it plays out in your creation of an Art form, an idea – even a new emotion.

There are no limits to this level of creativity and discovery. It is psychological as well as cosmological. Identity on a Holiday, creating itself in new Art forms. Even identity can be Art!

With many greetings from many beings, from many dimensions, and with great Love,


-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“If you look hard and long, you can find us. If you listen hard and long, you can hear any of us, call any of us that you wish.” ― Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic

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