Grandmother on What Do You Know that You Don’t Know You Know–and How to Know It

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SHR: Grandmother, how much do we really know?


There is a great deal in your construct of “identity” which is concealed by the parameters which are set by your society and which you learn. These are learned limits. These are self-accepted boundaries. And all of this can be easily transformed – by beginning to meditate at deeper and deeper levels. In this way, you can discover for yourself “pathways of discovery” which work for you as an individual.

What works for another being may not work for you. And conversely, what works for you may not work for someone else.

In this pursuit of discovery to find out what you actually know and how you can know it, there is a great deal of learning which involves emotion. This emotion, at the deepest level, is how you can “tap” that reservoir of knowledge. And sometimes it displays itself in unusual ways. And I would like you to be open to those.

You are very special beings. I would like you to try something new.

  • ASSUME that you know a great many things that you are, at the moment, unaware that you know.
  • ASSUME that the symbols and the mysteries in your dreams, in your deeper meditations, have great meaning, each of them. ASSUME that.

In a sense, your difficulty is with the issue of “assumptions.” And “assumptions” can at least for the moment, can be set aside in order to go through an exercise of self-discovery.

  • ASSUME that you know – even of “realities” secret in your society, that you know even parameters and symbols, which would ordinarily be available to a “past-life” aspect of your identity.
  • ASSUME that this can be known and that this is part of your ordinary -- as well as extraordinary -- psychology.

This is a different “language,” this self-discovery, this exhilaration that can come from finding out that you “know things” that are “impossible to know.” And yet there they are, revealed to you.

The exhilaration, the emotion in this self-discovery, is self-fueling. Do you see? You awaken yourself through the commitment to discovery, which leads to this exhilaration and an understanding of the meaning of symbols and events, which before eluded you.

This is in a way, a commitment to deeper emotion, to deeper meditation. And it is most profoundly a commitment to the discovery of what you know. A commitment to discover memories which are yours. They are yours by birthright; and they are yours through experience, through interconnections, not only with other aspects of your own psychology and your own multiple lives and multidimensional experiences, even those every night in dreams. THEY ARE YOURS in an almost undefinable way, as part of the universe of “interconnections” -- the geometries, the sounds, the mathematics of “interconnections.”

What I am asking you to do is to begin to explore creatively the “languages” and the experiences of your own higher creative and higher dimensional intelligence. This means not only deep meditation, but the willingness to “draw,” to entertain, to host beautiful symbols and images and sounds and emotions which may seem like mysteries. But if you are thoughtful, you will see them unravel into stories that you did not know that you know!

You know all of this! You have lived all of this in different states. You might think that you can’t remember your “sleeping life” – but at certain levels you remember all of it! You remember all of your time in the past. And in some senses, you remember all of your time in the “future,” at a quantum level, through “patterns of probability.”

There is nothing unknown to you.

It is a question of discovery for yourself through deep meditation and through ASSUMPTIONS – incredible vistas of knowledge, of realities that you barely suspect. It is the most exciting thing that can happen in your life. And it will profoundly change all other aspects of your life and all of your relationships.

Fundamentally, it changes your ability to love yourself, as you realize who you really are and what you really know.

You come to know a “you” that was previous unknown, previously hidden from you. And it is so overwhelming, it is so rich in possibilities – that suddenly you become aware that this is true of all beings!

  • All beings are that extraordinary!
  • All beings have that richness of possibilities!
  • All beings are interconnected.
  • All knowledge is available.

The languages of discovery, the creativity of discovery -- this is one of the most exciting adventures in the universe! And with every moment of expanding, your ability to perceive things at many, many levels – you change the universe and you change yourself forever!   

This is an act of the deepest Love in the Universe.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life: is allowing ourselves to be surprised! It is okay if life surprises you. It's a good thing!” ― C. JoyBell C.
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