Grandmother on Slow Down Time to See Between the Lines: Seeing That Which Is Hidden

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We live in an extraordinary time -- rapid daily changes about a global pandemic virus are changing our lives, our futures, our planning every day, sometimes every few hours.

This was prophetically recorded April 12th, but discovered only today. It had been "hidden" on the recorder and never posted -- or the post was mysteriously lost (the transcript says "posted" -- but it wasn't.)

Then a few hours after the recording of April 12th, while on the phone with a friend, an enormous "vision" stopped me "in my tracks" -- as it says in the message. It was a giant stunning vision of ancient elders of many civilizations of the Earth -- as if in a dream vision -- hovering over the 4 Corners area of NM and AZ and CO and UT...  And though it was sent to my Friday Paranormal Roundtable group, it was never published as a blog though I intended to. The next morning in the headlines, there was a reference about people seeing something in the skies over NE AZ that looked like a giant orb or lights in the sky.  These "sychronicity" visioning/headline connections events have occurred sometimes since I began deep daily sound meditation 15 years ago -- but this was an exceptional one that seemed related to a headline the next morning.

Now the times are "rushing us" even more -- and we must "stop and think" daily about what we are seeing globally, unsure if what appears to be real is real -- or what is "hidden" in the background that it becomes important to know...

So, today, 5-16-20, this recording, by accident popped up from the "hidden recesses" of the little recorder...stumbled upon because I needed more "recording" space, otherwise it would have been "hidden" for good...

This is, in fact, an extraordinary time when it is super important to slow down time, to think, to increase our conscious meditations and discernment regarding what is real and what is not -- "Seeing That Which Is Hidden" behind it all, with greater intuitive clarity. This may even become a paramount perception skill.

"Grandmother on Slow Down Time to See Between the Lines: Seeing that Which Is Hidden," Recorded 4-12-20, found and posted 5-16-20, 6 minutes, 5 seconds. Recording and Transcript below.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Slow Down Time to See Between the Lines: Seeing that Which Is Hidden," Recorded 4-12-20, found and posted 5-16-20, 6 minutes, 5 seconds.



To see across time as you wish, you must slow…down…time and see…between…the…lines. So, if events happen which stop you for a moment in your tracks, and you say, “Why is this happening that I must stop for this moment? I was on a roll, in a routine, and now I have to stop?” -- this is most important, this way of honoring your relationship with time across the eons – and that is to be willing to stop and slow down your experience and consideration of time in a very loving way. Not a forced way but very relaxed: Slow Down Time.

Slowing down time and considering time, meditating upon time in a very loving way, can have a most wonderful benefit in your daily life. So, if an incident happens that interrupts you, immediately turn to these thoughts, and see if you can identify the gift, because there is one each time you must slow down time and stop your routine.

The overall goal is to see things with fresh eyes. So even if you are in the midst of a global pandemic, in your understanding, and you already feel that you are being called upon to see the world with different views, there are so many levels beyond this one, for your seeing and understanding that which is hidden.

This represents a change in identity. So, in a sense, if you would change your identity and change your world, slow down time. Relax. Be with the moment.

Now, sometimes if your schedule and responsibilities are interrupted too much, you have to put together very complex steps in order to assure that everything you have committed to can still be handled in some way with higher dimensional and loving understanding. This is fine, as soon as you let go of whatever you are holding onto and simply relax into the slower time, knowing that new events have caused you to pause. And instead of resisting the pause, go with that sense of paused rhythm. You will move a little bit here and a little bit there. But there is a powerful purpose when you are suddenly caused to pause and think.

Appreciate this moment in human history, for it is rare, it is as rare as you are.

Bless these days. Bless all beings every day.

This is a very special time of transformation and co-creation on Earth. And if you would stop and pause, because an event happened so that you can’t do what you had planned, then take that time as a great gift -- and cherish it. Slow down the time, let go of the old schedule, and see what new wondrous things will present themselves.

With a great deal of love, a great deal of admiration and appreciation for all that you are experiencing, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay