Grandmother on Creating a New Life and Healthy Biosphere with Love for All: An Unknown Future after a Global Pandemic

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There are certain vibrations which occur with increased deep sound meditation on love – which do begin a process of allowing altering the perception of time and the future. The reason for this is that when you meditate on love and compassion and caring for others, you change the physical reality around you for those moments. And that change in your physical body, your physical reality, because of the focus of your spirit or soul or energy or ”being,” opens a kind of pathway for the mind which is not limited by your daily boundaries.

These boundaries have rather narrow ranges of seeing and hearing. All of the senses are somewhat limited in your current third dimensional focus. And with the current impediments to expanding your intuitive higher dimensional perceiving, including the perception of simultaneous time, as a “sense.”

So, if you ask how can you increase not just your perception but your ability to envision powerfully a future which you would like -- I would say to you as I do about many things – to increase your time and your focus in meditation on love. And I say sound meditation, because sound has actual measurable hz (abbreviated “hz”), for the alpha or theta states of contemplation.

This can assist you in shifting your vibrations, even in measurable ways. But it is your intention which is the major shift.

So, these two things to begin. One is to increase your time each day in deep meditation on love. And we have given these meditations. (See Meditation on 5 Levels of Love on Grandmother’s Sound-Meditation Page .) And you can create your own joyfully. And then, there is the visioning which includes caring for others in the future.

When you begin your day even, to start with visioning

  • who can you help today?
  • how can you help today?
  • how can you express love and appreciation for others today?
  • This also changes these vibrations of the environment around you and helps to clarify your visions of the future.

An individual with high intuition is often seeing special ways they can assist each other to grow, to mature, or assist others who have a genuine need for healing or caring help. Most help that is needed is healing or caring help. Giving someone “things” is not necessarily a help unless it arises from an understanding of what you can express to them, such that they feel better and better about their own futures. In a sense, when you love and care for others, you give them a gift of a caring future.

The intention to see a caring future is key to opening the doorways to perceiving very useful new paths for your life.

Now, in this time when you have been focused on a global pandemic, and you have been isolated, you have also watched something else happen. And that is a very major transformation of the world in which you lived before --

  • The businesses which you took for granted.
  • The ways of earning a living which you took for granted.
  • The ways of going to school which you took for granted.
  • The ways of interacting with those you love – or just interesting new people you meet -- all of that has changed.
  • The ways of interacting socially and enjoying each other’s company over meals, even meals sometimes prepared together -- all of this has changed.

This means that for you to envision a future at this time, you know that it must be a future in an unknown world. You will be creating this work. You have not faced this kind of intuitive future before in the same way as a global population. You have had different groups for different reasons who have had  calamities or wars or climate problems who must design new lives and move to new locations on the planet. But to have an entire planet go through transformation simultaneously where almost every business is impacted in some both fundamental and also strategic way – that is new for you.

Imagining the future when the world is unknown – is a special graduate school course of the life your soul, your life challenge, your life legacy. Now, knowing that, and knowing that you raise your vibrations in order to see and vision a future more creatively by meditating – the whole point of meditating every day with deep sound with clear intention becomes much more important.

There is an unknown world. All attempts to predict it so far have come up short.

Well, it is not just that the world is unknown; it is that the world has been unknown to you. In a way, your global pandemic has made certain things clearer about the way your society operates and what choices you truly have – very clear.

So, there are some “knowns” that you must face now. It is not necessarily the “hidden” which is the problem – it is the “known” which is the problem.

And it is the challenge which you see in the fog of the unknown, that you must create this new world and your new work and a new wonderful life for you and others. This creates a certain anxiety, both positive and negative. It is exciting to create in a time when you know that the old ways of business and work and travel have been completely transformed and may not go back to their original forms.

This is the ultimate kind of challenge and learning for the creative human soul! -- the spirit of you, which is indomitable, which is forever…

So, in a sense, when you meditate and envision at this time, you are working with a part of you that is beginning to recognize the power of your higher dimensional creativity and the power of a consciousness which persists over time and space.

Exploring this consciousness, regardless of your religious or scientific beliefs, is one of the most exciting things that you can do on planet Earth in this lifetime, even with all that has happened with the pandemic.

I greatly encourage you to sit and to simply try this: To meditate with sound, on love, each day, and to set the intention of envisioning a new future in which many of the parameters and the boundaries and the definitions of what certain needs and businesses are – are broken already. They have dissolved. And as attempts are made to recreate them, these will be stymied because there are many considerations about whether you create a business based on future pandemics, based on future solutions to pandemics, based on a global goal of happiness for all human life and consciousness, and a completely healthy human and all life biosphere, which thrives.

This could unite human consciousness which has come together in an emergency if there is a realization that this in itself is an emergency. This loving, caring transformation of a planetary biosphere, with love for all beings, every child, every form of life, every animal, fish, bird – with clean air and clean water and clean unpoisoned soil, with food which is clean – and healthcare not needed because so much is rich in the thriving life of the planet that less and less of it is needed.  This potential exists. It is not utopian. It is a choice.

Your future, should you choose to create it in this way, with higher dimensional seeing, and increase that every day – not as a “nice to have” but as a commitment each day to a new Earth, a new design for your life but for a new Earth, then you will see things that you would have thought impossible, that you would have never dared to dream.

I ask that you dream. I ask that you dream as who you truly are. The fundamental awakening of who you truly are is the most powerful thing that can happen on the Earth today. Regardless and in alignment with your own religious and spiritual and scientific beliefs, you can still envision this and have this transformation focused on the caring for all beings and the transformation of the biosphere of planet Earth as an “event” in this star system and across the universe.

With great love and deep caring and deeper compassion, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“...our imagination, like stars,
Hint at something in the distance.

I don't know where we will be
But we will light up the darkness together,
When our imagination and the present
Become one.”
― Eric Overby, Journey


Photo Credit: Image by annca from Pixabay