Grandmother on a New Identity: Telling the Stories of Truth, and Taking Care of Every Child on Earth

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To understand something which is very confusing to you, to understand when you feel that “up is down” and ”down is up,” and things aren’t making sense, you must enter into a new identity – of one who understands “the impossible”…a new identity of one who understands with love, with deep empathy for all beings, with a deep love for all life, such that life on Earth of every form, human life of every culture, every child, every adult, every elder – lives in a very healthy, peaceful, industrious, and creative society. This requires a shift in identity as an intention…to “one who understands.”

To know a thing, you must be vulnerable to it. When you meditate on love in deeper states, as we are recommending, you become vulnerable and open-hearted.

Now when in that state, you wonder to yourself:

  • Why is this happening?
  • Why is there violence?
  • Why is there such stress?
  • Why is there even a pandemic?
  • Why are things changing rapidly and I do not understand what is happening to the human family of all colors?
  • And you want to understand what to do about brutality..

You want to understand about centuries of Earth history where many groups at different times, their lives and their lands were taken in very brutal ways, so you have been told; and you do not want to discuss this. The reason is that at a fundamental level, every being is an extraordinary, deeply loving spiritual being, and feels empathy for everyone harmed in this history.

But living a daily life in an incarnation in 3rd dimension at this time, a very special challenge has been accepted. You have accepted this challenge. And that challenge is to grow in love and higher understanding, reaching for your higher soul to such an extent that you actually can begin to see pathways:

  • To making peace on Earth which both tells the truth of who you are and who every other being is --
  • And begins to focus on a future which is not about violence or greed – even though those are paths on many planets, and great lessons must be learned -- but you have this extraordinary challenge -- every single being on Earth has this challenge – for how to co-create together even if everyone has differences, a new understanding, a new identity of one who understands and empathizes with all beings.
  • One who is so full of love that there are no questions.

Now, when you enter states of very deep meditation and focus on not only love, but light – healing light, very powerful energy of empathy and understanding, this is not only transformable and transforming, it is transmuting. It is co-creating together a new interplanetary existence.


Now, the challenge that is so great -- and must be done in all worlds when they reach a certain stage of polarity and conflict and not understanding truly what is best to do next -- this requires:

  • a commitment to love all beings;
  • to empathize with all beings as if they were you;
  • to begin to feel that all beings are your family and try to find resolutions and new pathways for living -- as you would if every single being were your sister or brother or mother or father or aunt or uncle; all are related.

This reaching for higher states of love and empathy strong enough that you truly feel about each being, “I am you, and you are me” – this is essential for communication with those of other civilizations where this is the nature of society:

  • and society is telepathic;
  • and society has grown over hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of years to a state of loving oneness in higher dimensional reality, a great deal of which you do not have the ability to perceive and you are not hearing information at this point or having experiences or experiments such that you could understand or explain this in some accessible way…

In some senses, your higher creative meditative mind, your higher arts – these are the states which allow you to understand. But there are very simple steps to take at this time. And that is to be loving with all beings, to meditate on love and light in such a way that all of planet Earth is your family.

There must be a recognition that all of the beings on Earth are your family. And if there has been injustice and harm to one member, to one child, then that injustice and harm has been done to YOU.

And to the extent that you feel that, which you can do in deeper states of pure love, then you will not have questions of what to do. You will begin to change or to build anew such that that could not happen again. And this is part of the process where I continually repeat:


You will love. You will understand. You will reach levels of your higher self where there is such an outpouring of loving emotion that you sense truly, that every single being that you see on your screens that you feel is right or wrong, that being is you. And when you see beings that you believe are from other civilizations, that being is you.

You are so extraordinary, and you must come to a point to trust your own depth, your own heart. All of the things that have happened, all of the environmental, medical aspects of your industrialized societies – all of these things make it more difficult for your to realize and express your spiritual higher creative intelligence and to explore it with a completely open heart of unconditional love. But when you begin to spend the time, that is your contribution, that is your brave commitment. And believe me it is very difficult to commit these hours in deep meditation in a society which is in turmoil; in a society globally where violence or fear of passing away or dying from a virus is so great.

But that is the commitment to love, to create a loving society, that must be made.

Now, this is an aspect that we have not spoken of very often, but in these higher states, if you are willing to commit to loving all of the beings on Earth every day and loving yourself in these deep meditations on love, as if everyone were you and you were everyone, you may reach states of intuitive light-filled wave-form-vibrations, where your ability to heal, to work with matter and form, to work with light in a very loving, healing way, are completely transformed. And then you can do things which you would not have thought possible.

Now, having the technology that you have without the commitment to being in this loving state and trying to understand as best you can the needs of everyone on the planet -- how to restore the beauty and love that is in the promise of Earth – how to be one with the consciousness of this wonderful planet such that everything becomes in balance – that is a tremendous opportunity and commitment to events that are so extraordinary they are difficult to imagine.

And yet, everything that has been happening – and we have said repeatedly that there would be repeated: one big transforming, transitional event after another, one after the other, one after the other, and we say it again, these will continue to come. But the most transforming of all the events that could happen are increasing your personal work with your higher self, your spiritual self, meaning the soul of who you think you are, even if you don’t think you have a soul; it does not matter one wit.  

You go for the heart of you, the highest intelligence and love. And you spend those hours in meditation, which is a form of interdimensional communication, and you envision and you create in your mind the planet that you would like to have, to be created almost overnight.

But you must remember: Not one single person would then be without a home, would feel unsafe, would feel unloved. No. This must be that every single person feels eternally loved, feels universally loved. And that includes you.

Now, as you reach for that, as if it were your job, you are the one. You are the one who knows how to do this. You are the one who cares enough about every single human being on Earth -- not just of every color and culture, but every past. This is not “you” this time…though it is extraordinary because of the global sequence of events:

  • the large fires globally
  • the virus pandemic globally
  • the sense there must be a true, not a false justice, where every single person is taken care of, is honored and deeply respected and has everything that they need; a society which is healthy – naturally healthy, from even your own creations of gardens – not just gardens for you, gardens for others so that every single being on Earth has plenty of food in a healthy way with no poisons of any kind involved. And with great honoring of every seed, every person who works in the gardens which produce the foods of Earth.

Now, these events will increase in the depth of the catalyst, for there are many, many more of these empathetic shifts in understanding to come through events.

There must be an understanding of societies globally or even locally, which were built on some kind of injustice or unfairness over thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years. The taking of lives and the taking of lands: All of these stories must be told.

The truth of all of the shamanic peoples and all of the tribal elders: These stories must be told and understood, because ”I am you and you are me.” and without knowing all of these stories, we are both incomplete.

How can we be one if you are not allowed to tell your story or violence suppresses your knowledge and your being. You want to be the truth of you. You want to raise children to be able to speak the truth of what they believe they are.

Perhaps it is the greatest skill on planet Earth right now -- is listening. Forums of listening. Listen, listen, listen, listen.

The stories must be heard and told. And they are not recent stories. But it is within your grasp as a human consciousness, a human soul on Earth at this time, through your commitment to deep meditation and prayer and healing for the whole Earth and all of its peoples, but especially, all of its histories.

Now, whether or not you believe that you have incarnated before as a being of other races, a very different type of entity, whether or not you believe this, the multi-incarnational, multi-dimensional nature of your being is always present in your mind and dreams in some way.

And even if your beliefs make it difficult  to do your own discoveries that tell you more about who you really are -- that time you spend in deep love and prayer, begins to change who you are and causes memory or vision to occur which will make sense to you.

And ultimately, it is the supreme service to others in a loving way, not a controlling way, not a way of violence, but a loving way. Having to do the very, very hard work of plans based on an identity of loving empathy for all beings and their histories: That work is before you. It will require your greatest, highest creative intelligence.

But this is not any different a circumstance that it was 70 years ago, 170 years ago, 170,000 years ago. This was always before the human family of Earth, all of its different origins, all of its extraterrestrial heritages, this was always before you.

But you have the extraordinary circumstance and selection almost, to be here at this time when it must begin to be put into action, these revelations, the soul of love, the soul of peace, the soul of caring for every single child on the planet.

Every child on the planet must be safe, must have a home and good healthy food. And if one child does not have this, then no child is ever safe. And no child can count on being well-fed. And it applies to every adult as well.

Every continent, as you call great land masses on the planet Earth, has enormous history and interconnectedness with other families and histories and other planetary groups and connections with shamanic peoples before technology and industrialization, who still had connections to understand different frequencies – to be able to shift consciously into different frequencies to understand the biosphere, the loving nature of all of the plants and animals and fish and birds and even the air and the water, even the stones…

All these truths of what happened in the human story, the truth of them, not the imagined truth that you or everyone on Earth might wish were true -- the actual truth which brings you to forgiveness, to forgiving yourself, to ending a state of living with a slightly unconscious and even very conscious guilt, knowing how many benefit from these histories that are untold.

But a great story has been told which does not benefit every single member of the human family. And you know this to be true because there are children who are not safe. There are children who cannot eat, or drink clean water,  who cannot breathe; millions of human beings dying each year from air which is polluted.

At some level, this experience, your time on Earth is to go through a profound self-realization, self-reconciliation, that you personally and you as a human family have all been part of this. And are here to grow into light with such an extraordinary challenge and test -- to find the way, to create the way, in the highest levels of love, to make all of this come to balance -- to love, to bliss in higher realms, to -- what some call ascend into higher realms of pure love -- so that all of this is forgiven.

There is an acceptance of even yourself being forgiven. Regardless of all of the different religious beliefs, and they are so profound to each individual, all of them must be honored and felt, experienced such that it is okay for you to have your religious beliefs and experiences and it is okay for you to listen to others, even ancient shamanic elders. Their truths might be different from yours; or for the elders, the truths that some on the planet are seeing now might be different than their truths.

This is a profound time of listening. And the time in which you have had home alone, this has provided a bit of time for you to watch what is happening on Earth for a long enough period, and time to meditate on what is happening, for those of you who have had that time, and to come to new realizations – they are coming to you, and sometimes they are coming to you in dreams. And some of you are having “direct contact.”

There will be these wonderful times when you have these amazing visions or senses of what is true and right, and you feel full of love. And then you turn on the screen and maybe you’re not so sure. This is a time to believe in your own heart, to open your heart to love of all beings

No matter how upsetting everything on the planet seems right now, there is a greater love you can reach for, which not only does not seek to cover over these truths, but this higher love is to open the door to know them all at a higher level of truth. What are the real injustices? Are they even imaginable? In every culture, in every childhood, there are such injustices. And for all of the continents. And I believe one of my first meditations was to do a meditation on the continent of Africa. That was one of my first meditations. (Grandmother on Defining Levels of Self-Realization: Begin with Africa”)

Across this planet there are stories of human history. And those truths must be heard with a loving heart and soul.

And the recognition that “I am you, and you are me.” And not one of us is “not me”; and not one of us is “not you.”

Therefore, we come together in these higher states of love to see, how can we as extraordinary, loving, higher dim beings, those aspects of us, come together to create something so phenomenal that it will be known throughout the universe as one of the greatest transformations of a planet ever known. That is you. That is your job. That is why you are here.

This must be done with the joy and recognition of the extraordinary chance to work with this challenge so that life on all planets can benefit from what you discover and create together. And when you come together to make all of this truth be known, to love each other and create a new planet and learn about forgiveness and empathy which is so complete that separation ceases to exist – you will be read about and talked about throughout the universe.

And you know that you do not think this is true, but this is profoundly true. And this is the moment in history that you have chosen to be here. So, do not devalue this great moment or any hardship that you go through to be at this time. A time when it is possible to love every single being on Earth. Because all of the truths are being seen, along with the time of recognition that “I am you, and you are me.” A recognition of yourself as a higher being of many present, past, and future lives -- and understanding and aspects of intelligence which do honor every single religion and religious teacher and those of other planetary systems. Some of you are aware of these.

This kind of light and as much transcension as ascension – this is the time of the Earth’s great transition and your own. And it is extraordinary.

And forgive me if I repeat so endlessly” Please. Meditate on Love. Meditate on Love for all beings. We provide these meditations. We will provide more.

Please meditate on love. Meditate deeply each day on love for all beings. And commit more and more time to all of these processes we have mentioned, to help each other to grow as a soul and a group of souls into one of the most extraordinary planetary transformations that has ever taken place.

And every pathway to come together was a tremendous gift of learning. All of these pathways are part of the most extraordinary challenge to becoming greater light, light in the being, becoming a light being, because you have so been challenged. Every pathway, every thought, every deed in this life was for learning.

It was all a gift. It is all a gift now.  But now you can see some new possibilities if you but look at love… Simply meditate on love.

And if you focus in one area, it can be very useful. Every child on Earth should feel completely loved; should have a wonderful loving home, family; should have all the food and shelter and health – the healthy food from the ground, not artificial chemicals of any kind, the healthy food that they grow with their own hands; the love of all of the other beings on Earth, so that every child feels safe and loved and that they have a profound future on Earth and in space.

If that is your goal, you would be surprised how many other goals get accomplished!

Well, that is your goal. And you are a child of the Earth and a child of your Star, the Sun.  That is who you are. You are a child… “I am you, and you are me.” We are here together to do this great thing. That’s the greatest thing we have ever tried to do in any life.

This is your time. Meditate deeply on love with that goal. Every child. Every child. Loved, completely; sheltered with their family; healthy food; and no fear of the future, seeing only bright lights of potential for all beings; all of the children of all the animals and the birds and the fishes, all of the seeds of all of the plants feeling the same safety and caring and honoring and recognition.

And if you can do that, you will create a new future model as well as a new future in the Universe…

I am, with great love for all of you, Grandmother from Another Planet… I am you, and you are me... We are Family…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“It's worth making time to find the things that really stir your soul. That’s what makes you really feel alive. You have to say ‘no’ to other things you’re used to, and do it with all your heart.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. -- Maya Angelou

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” ― Madeleine L'Engle


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