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This is a powerful message, an extraterrestrial longer-range view -- simple steps I already see leading to increased intuition, creativity, a broader view of the greater possibilities for my life -- at any age. It's also very practical and could help to transform any management or team plan for any project for the better -- or any small personal project!

3 Steps, and in trying this out -- I had a deeper realization that it is extremely rare in my human life ever to sit in a contemplative focus and think on "What does 'done' look like?" -- yet the power of "visioning" our creative dreams has always been at our fingertips...waiting. Perhaps for a simple Step 1, 2 3 to activate a more purposeful and even caring life. I also realized that no business plan or design plan I'd ever set out to work on included a step to "put more love into it." And perhaps in these times, this may be the key. I've never meditated on a Transformed "Me" -- nor a Transformed "Us." But perhaps this is our perpetual project for this era. The ability to "see" into a Transformed Future and thus create it...

Try the steps for just one project, and sense the change in your energy and intuitive intelligence, your focus on taking a new kind of action. “Grandmother on What Does ‘Done’ Look Like? 3 Steps for Visioning ‘Done,’” 15 minutes, 24 seconds, Recorded 11-11-21, Posted 11-25-21. -- SHR.

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"Grandmother on What Does 'Done' Look Like? 3 Steps for Visioning  'Done...'"



Greetings. I would like to speak to you today very much on a very important topic for your life. This life. What does "done" look like?

You are, in your societies of business and the creation of homes and family life, very much focused on "goal setting." 

"What are your goals?" Everything revolves around "goals," and sometimes these evolve into "business plans." You may not be perceiving this, but you have "home plans," even more complex than your "business plans." You have "life plans," even more complex than your "home plans."

Central to all of this is a way to expand your thinking, to increase how much love you put into problem-solving at higher-frequency levels by loving focus on: "What does 'done' look like?"...

Now, even in the sense of your theories in physics of trying to pinpoint several different things about the movement of certain particles or elements of the atom, where there is the question of can you know 2 or 3 things at the same time about a given particle in motion? No, is the conclusion of your physics. You can know one aspect, but if you know that, you can't know the other....

Now, you may not think of your creation of a life and your goal setting as "physics," but believe me, it is. And this is a way to increase your brain power, your mind power at the same time, by beginning most of your discussions -- with yourself especially -- with this simple question: "What does 'done' look like?"

Not "What is your goal?" "What does 'done' look like?"

And at that point you would sit back and you would say, "Well! I am done! I have achieved this that I sat out to achieve!"


The moment you add the word "look," you're into the field of "vision": Visioning in highest intuition and creativity!

And here's the secret. It is also a secret of innovation. Writing down your "goals" may increase innovation or may not.

Writing -- and particularly drawing and even meditating on "what does 'done' look like?" -- will always force you into a kind of (intuitive) tunnel or vortex. The moment you are there, you start to see a new "done."

So. in a way:

  • You can never know what "done" looks like once you focus on "done"!
  • You can never know what "done" looks like once you focus on "done"!
  • Do you see?

This is the nature of human consciousness.  It is the nature of its interplay with time and space. If you know the time, can you precisely know its point in space? If you precisely know its point in space, can you know precisely the time? Isn't that an interesting conundrum?


Well, I challenge you. This is the most simple challenge. But I will call it "A Challenge of the Three." If you do this only once, it will be harder to "triangulate" your understanding. And you need some "geometry" here beyond a straight line of two points. Let us have three points.

I would challenge you -- and believe me, the pay off for this is quite enormous -- to take three projects in your life. And these can be small. Either way, regardless of the size of the project, it is ideally a project about which you would formulate goals.

  • Here is my goal for constructing a new home.
  • Or refurbishing and changing the home where I live.
  • Redesigning an office.
  • Redesigning "me" and my life and my career! That's a great one!

But you can also have simple ones. How can I do these ten things today and still get them all done?

It doesn't matter what it is. The simplest things. Or a simple act of taking an animal pet friend to a veterinarian -- which you do not want to do, and the animal does not want you to... It doesn't matter what your formulation in the mind, this exercise will cause you to start new analysis or self-dialogue about how you form plans (and thus, action) in your world -- in your mind.

So, take a project, let's call it Project #1. And your job is to write and draw, "what does 'done' look like?"  Now, this is a "visual." So if you feel that you don't visualize well, that's alright, because you can also write well. You can write down some details. This is a "detail" exercise. Write "What does 'done' look like?"

If you're going on a trip:

  • How will you travel?
  • What else will you put into that trip?
  • Since you don't want to waste travel, can you do something else on your journey?
  • Or is it best to get there a direct route, and focus only on the destination point and the activity? "What does 'done' look like?" includes the route to get there and the shape you are in by the time you arrive!
  • Or a new company or a business or a new painting which you would like to create: What does "done" look like?

Now, the first one that you do is instructive. It is with the second one that you begin to understand the first one... (Laughter)

If you have to write out "What does 'done' look like? "-- you can't really understand that until you go to another project and try to write down "What does 'done' look like?" and that project is different. You will find yourself going back to the first project and saying "Ah! Now I see a way to add to this!"


And I am going to make it trickier for you because when you write down "What does 'done' look like?" and you see it, now I would like you to add some love into this situation. If you really love the situation and each element -- what does "done" look like now? And how can your love, "infused" into the situation change its outcome?

By the time you get to Project 3, you will have done some serious self-education! Project 3. Write that down.


Now, in addition to "What does 'done' look like?" -- infusing the whole project and its elements with love -- it needs a "Chapter Title"! You see what fun this is going to be in your life? Do you see how you can also help others by suggesting such things?


My goodness, almost anyone could help others with problem-solving. If anyone comes to you with a problem, you simply have them go through these three steps:

  1. What does "done" look like?
  2. Put a lot of love into it. Meditate on love for this project and each element! And then:
  3. What is the "Chapter Title"?

    It is completely impossible to go through this higher dimensional, loving protocol on planning and execution in the third dimension, without changing those projects and your own consciousness -- without infusing the whole world with more love. Because infusing the project with love is part of your contribution to a transformed "done"!

    There is an implication from this protocol. What you are truly seeking is: "What does a transformed 'done' look like?" "What does a transformed 'me' look like, who approaches life in this way?" I would like you to meditate upon this as well...


    And I will add this as the last step. In the same way that we practice, "Meditate on Love, Level 1, Meditate on Love, Level 2," and so on through 5 -- I would like you to:

    • Meditate on a Transformed Me, Level 1.
    • Meditate on a Transformed Me, Level 2.
    • Meditate on a Transformed Me, Level 3.
    • Meditate on a Transformed Me, Level 4.
    • Meditate on a Transformed Me, Level 5.
    • And add more and more levels or double your levels, whatever you would like. If you would like to spend some more time at Level 1 or 2 or 5, do that!

    Now, there is enough information in this session of my loving desire to be with you and to bring in messages from my heart to you, because I so appreciate the difficulty of what you are going through right now -- for you to truly change how you approach your life and how you approach trying to help others.


    Perhaps the best help is after the person you want to help has been through some steps of "What does 'done' look like?" and Meditate on a Transformed Me -- the ultimate meditation is to Meditate on a Transformed Us.

    • Meditate on a Transformed Us.
    • Meditate on a Transformed Us.

    (By extrapolation from Grandmother's meditations, the whole meditation would be:

      • Meditate on a Transformed Us, Level 1.
      • Meditate on a Transformed Us, Level 2.
      • Meditate on a Transformed Us, Level 3.
      • Meditate on a Transformed Us, Level 4.
      • Meditate on a Transformed Us, Level 5.)

    Can we all come together for the good of planet Earth and all beings on Earth to meditate with 8 billion views on "A Transformed Us"?...infused with love?

    What is the "Chapter Title"?

    With great love for you and all of your many projects; with great applause, great affection and affirmation, my love for you is so great: I am Grandmother from Another Planet...

    -- Grandmother from Another Planet


     Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay